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Money Network Paycard

Get paid quickly without the hassles of waiting for your check to arrive in the mail, standing in line at the bank or paying those annoying check cashing fees! To sign up visit your local branch office or fill out the electronic form on this page.

Check Balance

Check the balance on your paycard or to get the Money Network Mobile App to easily manage your money from anywhere. Click Here

What is the Money Network™ Paycard?

The Money Network™ Paycard is a payroll debit card that replaces your weekly paycheck. Every Thursday morning, your card is automatically loaded with the full net value of your earnings, giving you instant access to your hard earned cash. You can use 
your card at any ATM to withdrawal your money or 
to make purchases on a PIN pad with cash back options at nearly 1 million POS debit locations.

Paycards offer tremendous benefits to temporary employees compared with receiving and handling paper paychecks:

  • Immediate access to your money nationally and internationally.
  • No more waiting for the mail to arrive or standing in long lines at the bank or check cashing places.
  • PIN technology protects you from theft if your card is ever lost or stolen and eliminates the need to carry around large amounts of cash.
  • Make purchases on debit for everyday items such as gas, groceries and clothes while utilizing cash back options for the most convenient and low cost access to your funds.
  • Access to your money from virtually all ATM machines.
  • No hidden fees, bounced checks or overdraft charges since you can only spend the amount 
credited to your card.
  • Cash any or all of your card value at your bank and pay your bills with the Transcheck pay option. You are given one free Transcheck every pay period. No fee for Transchecks at Walmart stores.
  • Easily check your balance through telephone inquiry or visit the link on our website.

Basic fees apply as noted below for the following transactions. Other fees, terms and conditions will be disclosed in your sign-up packet. There will be a fee for any operator assisted telephone transactions.

$1.75 ATM Withdrawals

$2.75 International ATM Withdrawals

$0.50 PIN-based POS Transactions

$1.75 ATM Balance Inquiries

$1.75 ATM Declined Transaction

FREE Telephone Inquiries, ACH Account Transfers, Purchase of Transcheck, Monthly Statements

$6.00 Lost/Stolen Card Replacement

There is a smart way and wrong way to use the Money Network™ Paycard. You can avoid paying fees by following these tips:

  • Don’t check your balance on the ATM machine. 
Call the toll free number or check your balance 
online for no charge.
  • When using your Paycard as a POS debit to 
purchase goods, use the cash back option to 
withdrawal cash at the same time so that you are only paying one fee instead of two.
  • Cash your whole check with your free transcheck each pay period and avoid fees all together.
  • Click here to search and find locations near you where you can cash Money Network™ Checks for free, reload your Card and access 
    surcharge-free / in-network ATMs to withdraw cash.

You may apply for the paycard online or request a form from your local branch. Indicate whether you prefer to receive your paystub in the mail or via email. A paycard will be issued to you within one week of receipt of application.

Get the Money Network™ Mobile App

Get the mobile app and easily manage your account from your phone.